Pharmaceutical Microscopy

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  1. The Value of Pharmaceutical Microscopy
  2. The Cambridge Pharmaceutical Cryo-EM Consortium Inaugurates Its Latest Krios Cryo-TEM
  3. McCrone Research Institute / Chicago

Volume 5 , Issue 3 , Journal Home.

Confocal Raman Microscopy and Imaging - by Bruker

Keywords: Atomic force microscopy, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Interactions Abstract: The atomic force microscope AFM is the subject of numerous papers and reports and is full of promises for nanoscience and nanotechnological applications. Close Print this page.

The Value of Pharmaceutical Microscopy

Content: Citation Only. Citation and Abstract. Article Metrics PDF: Related Journals. This course is intended for the intermediate level analyst who is skilled at some of the microscopy techniques but needs training in other techniques and in interpretation. The workshop is conducted over three days with a mixture of theory, demonstrations and hands-on work.

The course is designed to prepare the student to apply microscopy to solve solid-state pharmaceutical issues.

The Cambridge Pharmaceutical Cryo-EM Consortium Inaugurates Its Latest Krios Cryo-TEM

The emphasis is on the practical use of the microscope. Lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, as well as round table table tips and tricks discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring their own samples, if possible. Robert Carlton Robert worked for nearly 40 years in the research and development of fiberglass insulation, orthopedics, and pharmaceuticals.

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His specialty is solid-state analysis with a particular interest in microscopy. Robert retired from full-time employment in early He is now teaching microscopy and consulting on solid-state analysis in pharmaceutical development. Robert's education is in chemistry, with a Ph.

He published a book on Pharmaceutical Microscopy in with Springer. Techniques covered include optical crystallography, thermal microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry, microspectroscopy infrared and Raman , and particle size and shape by image analysis. The second section presents applications of these techniques to specific topics of pharmaceutical interest, including studies of polymorphism, particle size and shape analysis, and contaminant identification.

McCrone Research Institute / Chicago

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